Render offers a wide range of applications, purposes and textures that improve the look and feel of walls and buildings.

Render is an additional layer applied to a wall that smoothens the surface and makes it more consistent, while reinforcing walls to be water-repellent and fire-resistant. Rendering can also give walls a particular desired grain and appearance.

Why Render?

Render improves a wall’s appearance, either through a smooth or textured finish. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, render offers additional durability by strengthening walls and protecting them from external elements such as wind and sunlight.

The types of renders

At Network Building Supplies, Rockcote® is our render brand of choice. From coloured renders and a quick render range to non-combustible cement render, we have all of your render project needs covered, as well as the expertise to help you find the right one for your project.

Product Attributes

Custom Appearance
Achieve various visual effects, including making different walls appear similar or unique, depending on the project.

Render adds an extra coat of protection to improve a wall’s resistance to fire.

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Acrylic Renders

The acrylic render we offer at Network Building Supplies is flexible, durable and available in a medium and coloured finish. With easy trowel and float formulation, Rockcote’s Acyclic Texture is applicable to a wide variety of surfaces such as previously painted masonry, fibre cement sheeting, plasterboard, AAC and off-form concrete. It also has a lower risk of cracking, unlike other traditional renders.

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Coloured Textures

Haymes Paint is the largest Australian made and owned paint manufacturer. Haymes Paint are committed and passionate about providing customers with high quality products for any surface with exceptional service and specialist advice. Never taking shortcuts on quality or service, the brand strives for excellence across the board – and has been rated by Australians as the best paint in the Canstar Blue awards for five consecutive years.

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We have all the render hand tools and render supplies you need, including render tapes that adhere effectively textured surfaces like brick and concrete, and render mesh to provide extra resistance against cracking and impact damage. We also stock PVC trims that are lightweight, waterproof and extremely durable.

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Colour Centre

Our team of specialists can assist you with all your rendering colour needs. Simply let us know your preferences, requirements, time-frame and expected results, and we’re here to help.

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